My Most Recent Designs, Jan. 7

Not too many but, since Its just the end of the first week and I’ve only been back to work a few days, pretty good if you ask me!

OTSS Is retiring 3 Sets of Actions:
OTSS Baby Love : 45.00
OTSS Border Proofs : 50.00
OTSS Off The Charts : 25.00

Buy all THREE sets for $50.00 (120.00 value)

Buy Individually:
OTSS Baby Love : 25.00
OTSS Border Proofs : 30.00
OTSS Off The Charts : 15.00

To purchase all THREE sets, please email me and I will shoot you my paypal address to purchase.

To purchase individually, use the following codes:
RetireBabyLove : $20 off
RetireBorder : $20 off
RetireCharts : $10 off

Action sets will be GONE Friday, January 8, 2010


January 3, 2010

Hello all! Just wanted to let yall know I start back to work Jan 6, 2010. My goal is to complete those orders placed at the end of 2009 and get started on all 2010 orders. I will email you once I have your proof set ready to viewing. I hope to get through orders a bit faster than I have been recently, and after my much needed vacation, I believe I can do this! Please remember: I start and work on orders in the order in which they were placed. Please try to be patient with me, as I will be working as hard as I can do get everyone completed as soon as I can!!!

Hope you all had a great holiday and new year!


December 30, 2009

Hi all! Hope you had a great holiday! Just a little note to let you guys know where the orders stand as of now.

I am BOOKED thru January. All new orders will be started in February. Those of you who ordered in my Year End sale, I will get started (in order of purchase) on Jan. 6th. I try to be fair and work on orders as they come in…so if you don’t hear from me until mid/later January, please know, I am working as hard as I can to get to you!!!

Rush orders work the same as always: Place a rush order, and you get bumped to the beginning of the list (I only offer 24 and 48 hour rush). A rush order DOES NOT MEAN you will have your final order within that timeframe. It means I will get STARTED within that timeframe. I cannot guarantee how quickly we complete the final design, as creating a brand is not a simple process.

I also have tons of new premades listed on site. Be sure to check them out!

I am taking orders for FEBRUARY now. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!!!

$15.00 TODAY ONLY!

New action set released today:
Crisp & Bright
Includes :
Selective Sharpen
Even Skintones
Simple USM
Subtle Color Pop
Simple BW
Soft Color
Color Burst (Intense)
Soft BW
Intense BW
Subtle Cross Process
A little more crossed (XP)
and 2 combo actions:
Combo – Subtle Color + Simple BW
Combo – Subtle Color + Soft Color


Link to view gallery & purchase options:

Updated Policies on OTSS

December 8, 2009

I have recently had to update a few policies for Design Work. Please take a moment to read over them! Thank you!

OTSS Design Process &  Policies

Working Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 8am-2pm
Friday: Afternoon Finalizations
Saturday-Sunday: None

I will do all finalizations on Friday afternoon, unless you need your files earlier in the week. Please be sure to let me know!

All designs are hand drawn/design by me.
Once ordered, you will receive a questionnaire (or more than one if you buy a package) to fill out. Once I receive the questionnaire, I will file it within your folder that I set up.

From there, you will be notified once I begin with a link and password to view your logo proofs online.

You will get 3 main proofs. From there, you will narrow it down to 1 design. You then will receive up to 5 edits of the chosen design.

Additional edits/concepts will be $5.00 each.

Design Policies
Stock Art : I do not use stock art in my designs. If you are positive you want a stock vector design included in your logo, you are required to purchase the license & image from the site where you found the image (shutterstock, istock, etc.). I will not tweak or change the vector image, as most licences do not allow it. I suggest you also contact the artist and triple check to make sure it is allowed to be used in logo design (most are not). Once you get permission from the artist, please forward me the email stating that it is allowed to be used.

Premade Designs
If you should decide on going the premade route, there are a few extra policies that I have been forced to put in place (I’m sorry!)
Due to the demand of custom design projects, if you prefer to see your business name on the premade design PRIOR to purchase, I am requiring a $15 fee. The fee covers the time it takes me to edit and save the file you are requesting. I enjoy offering the premades but am unable to provide proofs without some sort of committment.

Stock Photo Requirements:
If you choose to use a Stock Photo in your design, you must show:
Proof of Purchase
Email from Owner/Designer giving OTSS permission to use said design
No Exceptions.

Free Fonts:
I do not use free fonts. Due to licensing, I will only use commercial use fonts. If you have a free font that you *MUST* have, you need to contact the font designer, ask permission, and then forward the email to me. Be sure to let them know you are hiring a designer to create your logo. Sometimes, this makes a difference.

Rush Orders:
Rush option cannot be added to designwork once it has been purchased. If you need your logo within a certain timeframe, I suggest you order Rush services up front.

Rush orders also are based on start time policy.
All 24-hour rush orders will be started within 1 day. You will receive a link and password to your online gallery to view your proofs.

All 48-hour rush orders will be started within 2 days. You will receive a link and password to your online gallery to view your proofs.

*These times are to only guarantee start time of your design. I cannot  guarantee your logo/design to be complete within the timeframes.
**All orders placed on Thursday or after, will be started on Monday.

Revisions after finalization:
If you wish to have a design edited after you have recieved your final design folder, it will be treated as a new design, but you will be eligible for a 20% discount as you have purchased from me before.

Time Frame:
Time frame for designwork varies. It depends on the quantity of orders I have going at the time. If you purchased a rush order, I will begin work within 72 hours of the order. If you did not purchase a rush order, your design will be started in order of which it was received. It is not unlikely that it could be up to 3 weeks before I contact you to begin. Please be patient, I promise to get back in touch with you when we are ready to roll.

If there are any other questions you may have have not been listed here, please feel free to contact me at any time. Thanks so much and I cannot wait to work with you!

SO….this is the LAST sale I will be offering this year on Logo Design (custom).
All new orders will be started in JANUARY
are you ready for it????
are you sure????

35% off ALL custom designs
Custom Design : $150
Discount: 52.50
Total: 97.50

24-Hour Rush (which starts immediately)
Custom Design + Rush Fee: 250.00
Discount: 87.50
Total: 162.50

48-Hour Rush (starts immediately)
Custom Design + Rush Fee: 300.00
Discount: 105.00
Total: 195.00

*This sale good ONLY on custom logo design. Does NOT include custom logo design + custom business card design.

Why am I offering such a great discount? Come Jan. 1, 2010, My logo prices will go from $150 to $175 (not much of a difference, I promise!)

If you’re wanting a custom design from OTSS, NOW is the chance to jump on it!!!!
For Rush orders, MY LAST DAY of working in 2009 is Dec. 18, 2009 so if you plan to order RUSH, please do it EARLY! The last day for Rush Orders is 12-11-2009. Any orders placed AFTER 12-11-09 will be started the first week of January.
If you have any questions, PLEASE be sure to let me know!

New Designs – 12.3.09

December 3, 2009

Here’s a new installment of : My Most Recent Designs, Dec. 3

I have almost ALL logo designs started. Marketing materials will be done on MONDAY of next week. My goal is to have everyone in progress or finished before the holidays! Wish me luck!

Link to View the Sale:

Just a little note…sorry I was not around much this week…had lots going on with Thanksgiving!

I will be back to full swing on Monday!

Just a little note to you guys:

I got a new PC today and have not yet transferred my emails (which include your purchase orders) from my laptop, so if you could, PLEASE email/forward me your receipt or Logo Questionnaire to and let me know what kind of order it was (Custom Logo, Premade Logo, Custom Logo & Biz card, etc.)

I hope to have my emails transferred by Monday, but should my laptop decide to continue hating me, I may not be able to. THANK YOU!